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It's 2051 and for the past twenty years Earth
has belonged to an intergalactic
organization of planets, trading raw
materials for advanced alien technology.  
To enforce international law and order and
present a united front to the aliens, the
leaders of Earth have formed a sort of world
government, a beefed-up version of the
United Nations called the World Peace
Council, with a large international military
under its command.

Captain Turner Andrews is a covert
operations officer in the World Peace
Force, a loyal soldier for the world
government, carrying out sensitive missions
to help ensure world peace and global
unity.  Until he's made to believe that there
is rampant corruption at the top of his chain
of command and begins to realize that he
has been used throughout his career as a
very lethal political tool.  Together with a
small band of rebels led by Felicia Carson,
an anti-government activist who took part in
a plot to kidnap him, he decides that he
must expose the leaders that he's sworn to
obey...or die trying.
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Peace Force

The Second Civil War
In 2047 religious extremists control the
federal government. President Robinson
was once known as Reverend Robbie,
host of the most popular religious TV
program ever, before he got into politics
and created the American Morality Party.
The AMP has taken control of the White
House and won a majority in Congress,
but their ultimate achievement is the
passage of the “morality amendment” to
the Constitution. With the amendment
paving the way they’re able to pass a long
list of new federal “morality laws” against
all types of indecent behavior. To enforce
the new laws they create the Bureau of
Immoral Activities.

Franklin “Mac” McIntyre was always
opposed to the Moralists and their laws,
but none of it really affected him directly.
Until he gets caught up in a BIA sting for a
trivial offense and his life is turned upside
down. Before he knows it he finds himself
the unwilling leader of a revolution.
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The Strange
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