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The Strange
Fake Interview
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In this interview we ask
the tough questions
and make up the
answers for the
Q,  the
anonymous leader of
the Qanon conspiracy
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The Strange Times: Supposedly your name Q refers to your Q-level
security clearance, the highest possible. But current and former intelligence
officials have claimed that no such thing exists. How do you explain that?

Q: Of course they would say that. If you don't have the clearance you
wouldn't have heard of it, and if you do you can't admit it.

TST: Then wouldn't you be committing an act of treason by telling people
about it?

Q: Sometimes heroes like myself and Edward Snowden must commit a
little treason for the greater good. Of course, I've had the good sense to
keep my identity anonymous to protect me from the deep state conspiracy.

TST: About that conspiracy, you claim that democrat leaders, the media
and the "deep state" are all involved in an enormous conspiracy to
dominate the world and they are involved in child sex trafficking,
cannibalism and satanic rituals and Trump is our savior who will
defeat them. These are some horrible accusations, Why haven't we heard
about investigations and indictments from Trump's justice department?

Q: The conspiracy reaches to the highest levels so the battle to defeat it
must be handled very carefully.

TST: Except for the House of Representatives Trump's allies hold all of the
levers of power in the federal government.

Q: Still, we can't be absolutely sure about who can be trusted. And most
don't have the clearance to know what's truly going on.

TST: But Trump himself must know what's going on and he doesn't seem
to be the type to keep it to himself when he knows that his opponents are
involved in wrongdoing. The president has the power to declassify any
information. So why hasn't he gone public with the evidence of these

Q: A conspiracy this immense is a very delicate matter that must be
handled carefully. But when the president is re-elected the evil-doers will
be punished. If he loses the election our nation, and probably the world,
are doomed.

TST: For that matter why don't you yourself release hard evidence of your
accusations instead of vague hints and clues? In fact, specific allegations
you have made have proven to be false. Like the Washington D.C. pizza
parlor that you alleged to have child sex slaves in the basement. After one
of your followers shot the place up it was revealed that the place didn't
even have a basement.

Q: An absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The authorities
couldn't find the secret, hidden entrance.

TST: And your claim in 2016 that Hillary Clinton would be arrested while
trying to flee the country?

Q: My bad. I tipped her off and her deep state allies were able to save her
from arrest.

TST: Last question; would you describe your Qanon followers as idiots?

Q: Not at all. They are simply patriotic Americans who are willing to believe
any horrible thing you tell them about people they don't like. That's what
Trumpism is all about.