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Now that we have learned what can happen when somebody
with no ethics and no respect for the solemn traditions of the
office becomes president, we must take steps to make sure we
never again have to deal with a would-be king in the White
House. Even if it takes a constitutional amendment we have to
make the executive answerable to our representatives in

For one thing, the Hatch Act needs to have teeth. Apparently the
president is currently exempt and if other members of the
executive branch violate it is up to the president to punish them,
or not.

Also, once appointed, Inspectors General should not be able to
be fired except for cause. A president should not be able to fire
someone to protect his appointees from investigation.

Congress ability to provide oversight of federal agencies

should not have to involve negotiations or subpoenas.
Documents created while working for our government do not
belong to the agency or the executive branch, they belong to the
people. If an oversight committee requests to see them an
agency's leader should have only two options: provide them
immediately or resign immediately.

Perhaps most importantly, we need to assure the independence
of the Justice Department. It should not just be unethical but
absolutely illegal for a president to use the Justice Department
to protect himself or his friends or to attack his political enemies.