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Peace Force
In 2047 religious extremists control the federal government.
President Robinson was once known as Reverend Robbie,
host of the most popular religious TV program ever, before
he got into politics and created the American Morality
Party. The AMP has taken control of the White House and
won a majority in Congress, but their ultimate achievement
is the passage of the “morality amendment” to the
Constitution. With the amendment paving the way they’re
able to pass a long list of new federal “morality laws”
against all types of indecent behavior. To enforce the new
laws they create the Bureau of Immoral Activities.

Franklin “Mac” McIntyre was always opposed to the
Moralists and their laws, but none of it really affected him
directly. Until he gets caught up in a BIA sting for a trivial
offense and his life is turned upside down. Before he
knows it he finds himself the unwilling leader of a revolution.
This futuristic thriller is available wherever books are sold or buy it direct from
AmericaStarPublishing at their online bookstore by clicking here: The Second Civil War
Who Are Trump’s Supporters?

Exactly who are the people propelling Donald Trump to the
Republican nomination? How can so many Americans really
believe that he’s the best choice for president? This is my
theory:it’s the same people that made Honey Boo-Boo a
celebrity for a little while. They don’t want somebody good.
Serious and diplomatic are boring. They think it would be great
fun to have a president that insults everybody and throws
entertaining little hissy fits.

Fortunately, while there are apparently plenty of these people to
steamroll the Republican primaries, I don’t think they represent
anything close to a majority of the entire electorate, so I believe
that Trump will lose handily in the general election. Of course,
his supporters will never believe that he actually lost so they will
claim it was rigged.